[U.S.] Yaoicon 2015

To my greatest honor, I was invited as a guest to Yaoi con in U.S., a world-famous festival of Boys Love. As a professional Manga-ka who also cosplay, I visited San Francisco with a prominent Ms. Makoto TATENO!
I did a contest judge, autograph session and a panel about how to make a posing /how to make beautiful kissing scene for both cosplayers and illustrators.
(Special thanks: “NO, THANK YOU!!!” by Parade Inc.)

I also designed this year’s mascots and did that cosplay with Naoya! This year’s theme was “Royal”, so I created two contrasting characters: a wild wolf knight and a crybaby rabbit prince.

Anime Go Plus Inteview

Yaoi con was a huge, fun, tremendous and enthusiastic event by wonderful staff and beautiful bishounens. Fujoshis(Otaku girls who loves yaoi) all over the world should definitely participate in this event!

Yaoi con
-Japanese Culture Convention for Yaoi, Boy’s Love, Bara and more!

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光栄なことに、私はBL(ボーイズラブ)の世界的な祭典、Yaoi Con(9月18-20日)にゲストとして招待をいただきました。コスプレもする漫画家として、立野真琴先生と共にサンフランシスコに行かせていただきました。